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Bernhard Wörndl-Aichriedler

Hey =)

I worked quite a lot with the BlueSmirf .. or Bluetooth mate , and there are several different tactics to bring down the power consumption.

You could for example reduce the scanning intervall, so the 20 two 30 mA for scanning will only be consumed every 10s or so. What also helps is increasing the blink intervall timer for the active led and desoldering the power led.


Well, it's possible to remove the Whispernet module and put in a Wifi card. Then you'd need to change the web proxy stuff to stop going through Amazon.

I suppose if there was a PPP-capable WiFi (or if you put another microcontroller in there managing a WiFi and present a PPP interface) you could make it work with the serial port, like this uses it for Bluetooth.

Zhongyin Wang

Can you make any WIFI module work on DX?

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