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@A Facebook User: Sorry, I've moved on from the Kindle at this point. The virtual machine I used for compiling for Kindle has been updated for WebOS and LTIB ARM targets. The "right toolchain" link above in the "Compiling Qt for the Kindle" section is what you need, along with a recent Scratchbox 1 install.

A Facebook User

Hi Darron, great work!
I want to compile QT for Kindle3. Please can you send more detailed readme how to get QT successfully compiled on Ubuntu to save time?
Each line of detail will be usefull...
Thanks in advance.

Rob Hamersma

Great project!

I'm currently trying to design a remote pushbutton/microcontroller interface for the Kindle DX (graphite) for my dad who is a quadriplegic. DO you know if it would it be possible to send simple commands to the serial port to navigate the Kindle? I'm just looking for next/previous page commands for now. Thanks!

Account Deleted

Please make a K3 version too :)

Account Deleted

It is working on Kindle 3 ?


Okay, I've put up plugin source, my build folder and scripts for building the packages, and a new set of packages to test. Let me know if they work!


@h1uke: great, thanks! I can host rebuilt packages if you want (what name would you want shown as a credit for the update?). I do plan to release code, but I've been absolutely swamped with work for a few months now. (It is easing up a little)


Great job!
After repackaging I was able to install the Qt platform/QT plugins on my KDX Gray and it worked for me well.
Would you consider to host the re-built installation packages
for Kindle DXG/fw 2.5.5 to avoid re-hosting?
Also, do you have any plans to open the kindle-specific pluging you wrote?




my kindle runs 2.5.5 DX2 type. This install does not work on it, probably some updated security from amazon?

The Update your Kindle option is never highlighted. If I do a restart, it tries to install the software update and is unsuccessful.

I hope someone finds a workaround for the dx2??


Hi all,
Great hacking there.
How easy would it be to change the 20 minute time before switching off the kindle? or disable it completely?


Great project!

I tried to compile KindleSampleQt with my Ubuntu9.10 + maemo SDK (Diablo) immediately.
But following error occurred when execute on Kindle.

symbol lookup error: ./KindleSampleQt: undefined symbol: _ZN7QWidget8x11EventEP7_XEvent

If it's permitted, Please tell me your proper way to set up develop environment.


Try re-installing the Sudoku package, by copying the update_install_sudoku_???.bin to your Kindle, then running "Update your Kindle" from the settings menu. It sounds like it didn't install for some reason.

Jack Lesshafft

Pushing the NF and the FW does it's things, but that's it. None of the other shortcuts work.

I've restarted a couple of times. No dice...

Hunter Davis

Excellent work! Going to try out on my DX tonight :)


Darron, excellent job! Easily installed and now playing the game. I had thought the Kindle was app-unfriendly, bu this opens up lots of possibilities...

Adrian De los Santos

update: needed a restart, now it works fine thanks

Adrian De los Santos

Installed QT and sodoku.. restarted on each update, now.. how do i access sodoku ? tried pushing s and u but nothing happens ..


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