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I just thought I'd add that the Qt 4.6.1 on webOS 2+ appears to be -extremely- limited in what it delivers. The QWS plugin interface might be good, but almost all widgets are left out, etc. It appears they had a very specific purpose in mind and didn't deliver many more classes than they had to.


webOS 2.0 appears to contain Qt 4.6.1. (Check the open source page on Palm) It's possible this is part of the reason 2.0 won't fit on a Pre Plus, etc. (The system partition is -way- too small on the earlier Pre models)

So, it should be a valid target from a Preware app point of view, although I don't have 2.0 so I'm not entirely sure.

Actually, looking at the patch file they deliver it appears they have put a pretty decent effort into adding Qt support, So, things look promising.



I'm the one who hoped to use Qt along with D langauge (V2) to write multi-platform desktop GUI app, as well as having 'lite' version written for the MeeGo...

Now, I've become enthusiastic about webOS and wonder if we could, at least, from the perspective of Preware, count on having ability to use Qt(D) for webOS-2.x/3.x development?

What is the status of Qt for webOS?


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