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@Zeren Ozturk: Not yet, I don't have one. I am hopefully going to get a TouchPad whenever they release it.

Account Deleted

Did you have any chance of testing your QT port on the new HP TouchPad webos 3.0 tablets?

Roberto Sanchez

Hello Darron, I'm interested in developing/porting Qt on my Palm Pre, but I have no idea where to start. Could you post a short guide on how to set up a developer environment, write a "Hello World" app, and compile it for the Pre. I would definitely appreciate it!


Here's more or less what I've got for a build line for Qt itself:

./configure -D QT_NO_QWS_MULTIPROCESS -prefix /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/net.griffin.qt/qt -rpath -opensource -embedded arm -openssl -make demos -make examples -verbose

Change the applications path to your own, of course.


I just got your Qt sources from gitorious and did setup the toolchain for cross compiling.

Do I need any special configure parameters for Qt to make it compile the webos specific plugins?

Thanks for all the great efforts!


Hi, I'm trying to build Qt for the Palm Pre but I'm not sure what flags must I use for the config. Could you assist me with the build process?
I'm very interested in porting and developing Qt apps for the Pre.

Account Deleted

very good job and skill. here in brazil i try this with windows mobile 6 but developer environment comes only in visual studio, so now at this moment i am installing in my notebook virtual box + sdk and after "pascoa" i think my old acer aspire 3100 with debian 5 lenny, will handle with qemu all things. thank you for empowering us with information.


@electrofreak66: Not yet. I was looking into that... it doesn't look too bad. So, if I can get around to it I'll give it a shot.


Thanks for sharing! Does your port include support for QGesture and QTouchEvent?


So I really could not wait... I used terminus and vi to make the griffin.conf file and got it all loaded via preware. Very slick!!


Come on over to IRC channel #webos-internals on freenode :)



I'm currently getting the source code up on gitorious.

I've got developer access now on PreCentral, but the instruction video explaining how to set that up won't play on my Linux box. So, I'll get around to figuring that out in a bit.

I can't think of any technical reason the latest package couldn't be available officially at the Palm App Store. It no longer requires any install or removal scripts.

I'll look into that after it's at least in Preware.


Incredible work. This is great news. I can't wait to play with this!

Jason Robitaille

Don't forget about WebOS Quick Install. With it, you can EASILY add your ipkg feed :)

Also, you may want to consider submitting the apps to PreCentral's homebrew app gallery, or use the upcoming PDK and submit on the App Catalog


Wow, that is great news! Any idea if this will use the official PDK when it comes out, or will it only be available via Preware?

ps - did you drop by #webos-internals a few days ago asking about this? If not, there is apparently someone else out there with the same idea :-)

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